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Article 139 Claims

An Article 139 (UCMJ) claim is an administrative mechanism for assessing and paying restitution to the victims of certain types of criminal offense committed by active-duty service members. While any individual (civilians and service members), business entity, state or local government, or charity may submit a claim under Article 139, an Article 139 claim may only be filed for property that is willfully damaged (i.e. vandalism) or wrongfully taken (i.e. theft). Therefore that act, which caused the damage, must be a criminal act. Claims founded in breach of contract or fiduciary duty are not proper Article 139 claims. In addition, losses due to accident or negligence, even gross negligence, are not payable.

This summary provides general information only. The procedures and requirements for Article 139 claims are found in AR 27-20, Chapter 9. For more information please contact the Claims Office, (256) 876-3995.