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Army Working Capital Fund Investment Projects

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command mission is to develop and deliver responsive aviation, missile and calibration materiel readiness to the United States Army in order to optimize joint warfighter capabilities at the point of need. 

AMCOM and its partner organizations, the Program Executive Office - Aviation and the Program Executive Office - Missiles & Space are seeking solutions for cost, obsolescence, and reliability drivers adversely impacting the readiness of aviation and missile weapon systems, or affecting the Soldiers, organizations and processes that sustain them. Proposals may address component obsolescence, cost reduction, and reliability improvements for AMCOM managed (B-17, B-64) items and are to be submitted via this website. 

The AMCOM Army Working Capital Fund Investment Team will review submitted projects based on financial, technical, logistical, and readiness challenges and assess industry identified solutions, evaluate their applicability, and provide feedback to the project submitter. 

The AWCF Investment Team will help guide the industry/government submitter through the initial data call, joint evaluators review, and subsequent reviews by AMCOM leadership leading to a General Officers Steering Committee with final approval coming from HQ Army Material Command.

All submitted projects must request project management office coordination and endorsement before submitting. Below are the necessary documents for project submittal.


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