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IMPORTANT - Willingness to Pay Statement

All requesters must include a "willingness to pay statement" in their request, regardless of the fee category. This does not mean a fee will be charged. The requester can set a limit on the costs to be incurred. For example, he/she may state "not to exceed $50." If the estimate for answering the request exceeds the limit, the FOIA Officer will call the requester to discuss his/her options. The requester has four options: accept the copied documents up to the previous specified amount of money; cancel the entire request; authorize the money needed to complete the request; or, authorize additional funds up to another specified amount. Except for commercial requesters whose fees total more than $15, waivers are always considered.

Charges. Fees are assessed only for search, review, and copies. FOIA requesters whose bill comes to $25 or less are not charged:

  • Clerical rate per hour: $20.00

  • Professional rate per hour: $44.00

  • Contractor rate per hour: $44.00

  • Copy rate per page: 15 cents

  • Copy rate per page (microfiche): 25 cents

    • Commercial Requester: Are generally charged for search, duplication, and review

    • Educational/Scientific/News Media: Are generally charged for duplication only after first 100 pages

    • Other Requestors: Are generally charged for searches past first 2 hours and duplication after the first 100 pages

For FOIA request payments, make check out to "Dept of Treasury" and mail check to:

U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command
IM&T Resources Management, CIO/G6
Building 5301, 3rd Floor
Redstone Arsenal, AL 35898-5000