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Today's AMCOM Corrosion Program Office (CPO) is the result of joining together what were three separate entities: The AMCOM CPO, the Corrosion Prevention and Control Center of Excellence (CPC CoE), and the Non-Destructive Testing Center of Excellence (NDT CoE). Putting these offices together under one roof creates an office that is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

By Working together, these once separate, but always complementary offices can leverage each other’s' abilities to provide sustainment support for any project, from "Cradle to Grave". The Corrosion component of the office has the ability to devise and help implement a coherent Corrosion Prevention and Control Plan, ensuring the use of the most up-to-date materials and process information. Once the Plan is implemented, training can be provided for maintenance personnel, ensuring that all levels of maintenance have the knowledge necessary to provide their piece of the sustainment puzzle.

The NDT component of the office serves as the NDT authority within Army Aviation, providing technical support and training to smoothly integrate advanced NDT methodologies.

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