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NEWS | Nov. 8, 2018

And the award goes to… the best AMCOM employees

By Traci Boutwell

Civilians and Soldiers are held in high esteem by their command as they exceed their normal duties in defense of the nation.

The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command is recognizing team members who surpass their normal duties by awarding them the AMCOM Top Employee of the Quarter and AMCOM Most Valuable Player (MVP) Award.

“The importance for the command to have Top Employee of the Quarter and MVPs is to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of AMCOM's workforce and provide other avenues for supervisors to demonstrate appreciation for their employees,” said Megan Smith, AMCOM human resources specialist. “Supervisors should nominate their employees to recognize them for the work they do supporting the Soldiers and civilians of AMCOM. Recipients are formally presented the awards in presence of leaders and peers.”

The policy is applicable to AMCOM government civilians and military personnel, including members at the command’s respective depots.

Nominees are submitted for actions that show commitment to Army values and dedication to increasing the quality of life for command personnel. 

“The AMCOM MVP Award is intended to recognize the outstanding AMCOM employees whose contributions, personal effort and leadership advance the AMCOM mission and exemplify the character and work ethic expected of AMCOM,” Smith said.

Also taken into consideration is the team member’s volunteerism in AMCOM special projects, problem solving skills, improving processes and increasing efficiencies, and service in community outreach programs.

“I am honored,” said Deana Boyer, AMCOM G-1 human resources specialist. “I have served as a federal employee at AMCOM for 33-plus years. This is my first time receiving this distinguished award. 

“I feel that I was nominated for this award for being an excellent team player,” she added. “I always exert a positive attitude and cooperate with my peers and management in a professional manner.”

Boyer said she feels the program helps the morale of the workforce. She added that supervisors should keep the program in mind as a means to recognize their employees that give 100 percent every day.

Both military and civilian team members are eligible to be named as Top Employee of the Quarter and MVP. Top Employee of the Quarter civilians will receive a Commander’s Award for Civilian Service and military members receive a Four-Star Note signed by the commanding general of Army Materiel Command. Those selected for MVP receive a Certificate of Achievement signed by the AMCOM deputy to the commanding general and are recognized at the AMCOM Town Hall meeting.

One recent MVP said he believes any form of positive recognition is good for the workforce.

“It is a great honor to be considered for any award, much less selected,” Bruce L. Thorn, AMCOM Logistics Center, or ALC, Utility Directorate weapon system coordinator. “I think receiving the award speaks volumes to the hard work everyone in the Utility Directorate does every day. I’m surrounded by great, hardworking people that go above and beyond to support the Warfighter every day. All of the item managers in the Utility Directorate deserve the award more than I do.”

Thorn’s supervisor, Lisa L. Terrell, ALC Utility Directorate deputy director, said Thorn tasks out, reviews and tracks, and submits practically everything that comes through the office. He also develops senior-level briefing packages and provides tools and data to assist the item managers in successfully do their jobs.

“I nominated Bruce because he is literally the glue that holds this directorate together,” Terrell said.

When asked what advice he would give to someone striving to be named as an MVP, Thorn said they should “come to work every day with a positive and relentless attitude to do the best in everything. Also, pay attention to detail and always have the desire to learn more and never be satisfied with the status quo.”

Any subordinate commander, executive director, G-staff or special staff director or deputy may nominate their employees. They are limited to submitting one nomination per AMCOM organizational element per month. All nominations should be submitted to AMCOM G-1 Megan Smith, The written nomination should describe the employee’s contribution, such as implementation or update to an AMCOM event, system or process that resulted in quantifiable efficiency improvements, cost savings, cost avoidance or cost reduction.