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NEWS | Aug. 13, 2021

AMCOM G-8 team earns Army award for distinction in fiscal stewardship

By Kerensa Houston U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command

Four employees from U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Command G-8 have been recognized at the Army level for their management of appropriated funds.

The Army Excellence in Financial Stewardship Award is awarded annually to those who provide leadership, mentorship and guidance to financial personnel in an organization.

The AMCOM G-8 Command Accountability and Execution Review team was selected as recipients of the award for the third quarter of fiscal year 2021.

The Army’s CAER Program is the premier fiscal stewardship program and provides commanders with visibility of command fiscal health and holds leaders at every level responsible and accountable for stewardship of the tax dollars they receive and provides them with the tools they need to be successful. The transparency resulting from the CAER Program did not exist before its creation in December 2017.

The AMCOM CAER team is led by Brian Dempsey and includes Monica Childers, Marsha Cuffee and Daniel Nguyen.

“[Fiscal stewardship] allows an organization to make great use of their financial resources so they can provide optimal support to the warfighter,” said Marsha Cuffee, AMCOM G-8 Operations research system analyst.
“Fiscal stewardship is extremely important – especially in periods of declining budgets like we are navigating through now,” said Dempsey, AMCOM G-8 Comptroller Division chief. “It enables AMCOM to maximize our limited resources and improve warfighter readiness; we get more output from the dollars we receive. We have also been entrusted by the American public to effectively spend taxpayer dollars and the CAER program enables us to do that.”

Though Dempsey has 18 years of government service under his belt, he’s only been with AMCOM for two years – a relatively small time – but has made a big impact.

The U.S. Army Materiel Command G-8 nomination narrative credited Dempsey’s vision and leadership over the past two years with transforming AMCOM’s CAER program into “a highly effective, horizontally integrated financial stewardship program that serves as a best practice across the entire Army Materiel Command enterprise.”

The narration continued, “Under the direction of Mr. Dempsey, Ms. Childers, Ms. Cuffee and Mr. Nguyen continuously improve and refine the CAER tools and have married data from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive and current picture of outbound reimbursable funds, open supply requisitions and other financial indicators.”

Cuffee, who has been with AMCOM for more than 13 years, explained that the group provides operations research analysis support to the CAER Program, including development of a suite of analytic tools to perform advanced analyses for each CAER key performance indicator to identify root causes and enable a more proactive decision-making approach to improve the efficiency of financial execution. “By doing this, we are ensuring that the Army can make better use of its resources thereby providing the best support to our warfighters,” she said.

AMCOM G-8 Deputy Chief of Staff Dale Smith said he couldn’t be prouder of what his team accomplished. “They have proved to the Army the value of leveraging advanced business analytics at the unit level to improve financial management and decision making. I can confidently say that this team, along with resource managers across AMCOM, [is] leading the entire Army when it comes to employing analytics in the business domain.”

Nguyen, a program analyst who’s been with AMCOM for seven years, said, “As a team, we will continue to improve and refine the CAER tools … I’m very grateful to be a part of this team and under great leadership [that] understands, invests and implements in the skills and tools necessary to enable us to provide innovative data-driven analytics.”

“I am immensely proud of my team for earning this prestigious recognition,” said AMCOM G-8 Business Analytics Division Chief Trevyn Kyle, who supervises Childers, Cuffee and Nguyen. “It is quite satisfying that they received the nomination from our higher headquarters at AMC G-8 and that my team is developing products that are not only extremely valuable for AMCOM, but also for AMC at large. The recognition further demonstrates AMCOM’s outstanding support for the Army, AMC and, especially, for our Soldiers.”

Dempsey said the backing of individuals in AMCOM G-8, AMCOM Logistics Center and the U.S. Army Test, Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment Activity has been outstanding. “We have so many hard-working professionals who enable our success; we couldn’t do it without them!” he said. “I am so grateful for their continued support and excellence.”