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NEWS | July 30, 2019

Intel Analyst helps identify, counter threats to Army weapon systems

By Miles Brown U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Command

Threats to Army weapon systems come in many forms. It’s Christine Miller’s job to identify those threats and work with program managers and engineers to make sure the Army’s weapon systems are as effective as possible. She supports the Aviation and Missile command as a senior intelligence analyst/acquisition intelligence officer.

“I integrate intelligence and threat data into the materiel acquisition process so we know what threats our weapon systems need to counter,” said Miller. “We advise Army senior leaders of the latest threat capabilities and emerging technologies during the development of new weapon systems.”

Her primary responsibility is focused on the Program Executive Office for Missiles and Space on Redstone Arsenal – specifically the Cruise Missile Defense Systems (CMDS) Program Office. She integrates tailored intelligence and threat data into their acquisition process.

“I review information from the intelligence production centers and tailor my analysis to the CMDS programs,” said Miller, who has worked for AMCOM the last 10 years of her 13-year federal career. “During a system’s developmental test and evaluation, I work with the test community to have representative threats or surrogates available for testing so we have confidence in system performance before it is provided to the Soldier.”

To improve the Army’s systems, Miller briefs senior Department of Defense leaders on the latest intelligence and upcoming threats – in fact, it is her favorite part of the job.

“I really like helping our decision-makers and senior leaders gain an understanding of our adversaries’ intentions and how we can build countermeasures against them. I see myself as a communicator and educator,” she said.

Keeping up with these latest developments is vital because just in the 10 years, Miller has been performing this important mission, she has seen her analysis used early and often.

“Intelligence support to acquisition continues to evolve and be refined,” she said. “The most significant change has been to inject intelligence earlier into the acquisition cycle. We want to influence during the design phase to provide the most effective solution while saving time and money.’ This maximizes program capabilities and ensures that the weapon system is not obsolete or overmatched upon full-rate production/delivery to the Soldier.”

Miller’s number-one professional goal is to make a positive difference in the effectiveness of weapon systems delivered to Soldiers. According to Tom Arnold, Miller’s supervisor and an AMCOM intelligence specialist.

“Christine’s dedication to her craft and uncompromising integrity helps inform our senior leaders before they make the tough choices on system acquisition and employment. Without her analysis, Soldiers’ would receive equipment incapable of defending against our adversaries,” said Arnold.

Miller’s husband is in the Army and recently accepted the position as the director of a large regional test center, the Reagan Ballistic Missile Test Center on Kwajalein Atoll, to which he will make regular visits. Miller also served on active duty as a military intelligence officer, which speaks to her dedication in working to improve Soldier survivability.

“My job is critical so that we build Warfighter capabilities against accurate understandings of what the battlefields of tomorrow will look like,” she said.

Whether it is staying active in her church and community or researching the latest threats to Army weapon systems, one thing is clear, Miller is dedicated and passionate in her pursuits, Arnold said.

Editor’s Note:
AMCOM’s G-2 Intelligence and Security directorate provides superior multidiscipline (Information Security, Personnel Security, Industrial Security, Technology Protection, Special Access Program Security and Foreign Disclosure) security support to the AMCOM commander, command staff, centers, subordinate organizations and multiple non-life cycle management center-affiliated programs across Team Redstone and around the world.